Our strengths

Since 1997, CEPASCO and all of its staff have committed every day to providing consumers with the best products, carefully selected and inspected. Around 200 spices and flavourings from all over the world are imported before being processed and packaged.
This constant attention to detail is set out formally in a quality system involving all Spigol staff.

Quality system

Our constant priority is to guarantee our consumers a healthy, delicious product. CEPASCO has therefore made food safety a priority and follows the recognised HACCP* approach to ensure product compliance (*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).
In addition, since 2009, CEPASCO has voluntarily committed to the IFS certification process. Through this process, CEPASCO has set up a quality system focused on food safety that it uses every day to guarantee safe and healthy products.

The quality of our products requires full control of our business, from choosing suppliers to packing and shipping products.


Working closely together, the CEPASCO Quality and Purchasing departments select the best products and suppliers by rigorously assessing the quality of products, establishing and closely monitoring specifications and regularly assessing selected suppliers, in particular through audits carried out directly at the premises of our suppliers all over the world.
This quality approach has also led to the development of long-term partnerships between CEPASCO and some suppliers.


To ensure consistent product quality, CEPASCO inspects all products delivered and entrusts independent laboratories with carrying out various assessments that confirm the quality and safety of the products received such as, for example, the absence of allergens and GMOs and compliance in relation to the presence of pesticide residues.

An inspection plan is prepared annually and improved in response to scientific and health advances in order to ensure the sale of safe and healthy products to consumers.

Inspections take place along the entire production chain until dispatch to customers.

Production and traceability

The vast majority of spices used by CEPASCO are whole and as natural as possible, with only minimum processing between the field and our factory. These ingredients are then worked on in our factories, which gives us control of the processing chain.

After cleaning, the herbs, spices and peppers may be crushed, ground or blended, depending on their purpose, before being packaged.

All CEPASCO products are also fully traced and tracked from the consignments dispatched by our suppliers to the packet purchased by our consumers. This traceability is vital in ensuring consumer safety.

Eco-friendly Process

As well as our commitment to our consumers, Cepasco is also committed to an overall approach that is environmentally friendly.

Our primary concern is using only the minimum raw materials and packaging: we limit our waste as much as possible to make sure we only buy and use the amount of products we need, thereby limiting our environmental impact.

Our second concern is being able to manage the impact of our finished products: our packaging can be recycled and we call on all our customers to do their bit for the environment by separating out recyclable items.

  • Jars & Mills range: Recyclable glass jar and lid.
  • Packet range: Disposable plastic packet.
  • 500 ml Container range: Recyclable plastic jar and lid.
  • Tube range: Recyclable plastic jar and lid.

For more details, please refer directly to our spice packaging. Find more information on recycling instructions based on your place of residence at www.consignesdetri.fr and www.quefairedemesdechets.fr.