World spices

Whether ground, whole or mixed, season your cooking with world spices that lead the market with their aromatic quality. Thanks to our expertise spanning more than 140 years in the world of spices, in this section you will find a classification of the different products we offer by type of cuisine: Lebanese spices, Mexican spices, Moroccan spices, Thai spices... the list is long, as you will soon see.

Destination Asia! Among the Chinese spices you will find lemongrass, turmeric, star anise, ginger, Chinese five-spice, the famous Sichuan pepper and many others. If you prefer Indian cuisine, opt for curry, cardamom, cumin, garam masala or tandoori instead. Do you want to cook Thai food? Choose from coriander leaves, hot chilli pepper, lemongrass, curry or our Thai cooking mix. If you prefer Mediterranean cuisine, let yourself be tempted by Spanish spices with paprika, saffron, nora and diverse chilli peppers. In the mood for Moroccan food? Then choose our pure spices (cinnamon, caraway, coriander, turmeric, molokheya, etc.) and our mixes (Oriental cuisine, chorba spices, couscous spices, harira spices, kofta spices, tagine spices, loubia spices, etc.). Or what about Tunisian cuisine? Ras el Hanout, mild chilli pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin and cinnamon are your friends. You will find all our recipes on the website, to help you add some exoticism to your everyday dishes!