Herbs and aromatics

See our selection of aromatic herbs and aromatics and transform the flavour of your cooking. We will tell you about the benefits of these herbs. From a botanical perspective, aromatic herbs are parts of plants, usually the leaves. They have been dried either through dehydration or freeze-drying (a preliminary freezing stage enables low temperature dehydration that alters the plant as little as possible) in order to remove the water and be able to store them for several months.

They rehydrate when used and release all their flavours. Spices, Aromatics, Condiments? There’s a huge debate about this and many received ideas. Aromatics are parts of plants, just like spices, but are mainly used untreated, fresh or dried to give an aroma to recipes. Spices, however, are more used to add flavour.

Condiments are preparations that accompany a dish but are not cooked. As they are simpler to use than spices, herbs are more unanimously popular in France. However, there are some essential tips for enhancing their aroma. Aromatic herbs must above all be added at the end of cooking or to your cold dishes. Do not heat them too much in order to preserve the aromas. Let them ‘infuse’ for a few minutes so that they can rehydrate. They wonderfully embody Southern French cuisine and some of them are known and used across the world for their aromatic qualities: Herbes de Provence, mixed herbs, thyme, rosemary, chives, etc. You will find a broad range of aromatic herbs on our website, which we also offer freeze-dried, under our ‘100% saveur’ brand.